North River Crew

North River
The North River Crew Transport Vessel values crew comfort and efficient operations. Constructed upon the proven Sounder design, the hull excels at long runs across open water. An exceptional ride, climate controlled cabin and premium seating ensure passengers arrive mentally and physically ready for work. Expansive cargo deck and enclosed luggage berths complete the details of this rugged and dependable craft.

Торговая марка North River
Длина, м 15.85
Ширина, м 4.88
Угол килеватости на транце, град 18
Материал корпуса Алюминий
Компания Flagman-Group Контакты:
Адрес: Строительный проезд, дом 7А, корп.1 125362 Москва
Телефон:+7 495 229 30 29 Телефон:+7 985 773 59 90, Электронная почта: